Wood is an important material for me with unlimited potential. Wood is light, durable, hard or soft, it is alsoa living and ecological material.

As long as I can remember I´ve liked to wander the woods. It might be due to summers spent at the family farm at Southern Savolax. I´ve started out sculpting with a knife and got to know different type of wood in that manner. As years have passed I´ve witnessed how planted saplings grow up into big trees and shape the landscape. Every now and then parts of the forest are thinned and timber sawn into planks and boards.

In my own works I´ve made use of our own lumber and used some wood dating back even 30-years, that my late grandpa had had sawn from spruce. My intention is to make use of my own lumber as much as possible and even try to track the origin of wood used and also monitor how nature regenerates.

In the rightside of the page among other pictures there´s a photo taken by my brother of a capercaillie that lives in the woods. Old site of a farm that my father grew and that was planted bitch and spruce in the 90´s.