Lately I´ve been doing research to get my drawings laminated with a plexiglass like contemporary photographs. Idea is to not only make them look finished without frame also to preserve the image unharmed to stand test of time.

Laminating service for this kind of mixed media approach does not exist, at least in the pricerange I´m dealing with, so I decided to solve the problem myself. At first I browsed the internet for some pointers and then started testing my technique. Main problem with this kind of work is that it´s got to be tested on different materials, because they react in a different way for glues or binders that are added to seal the surface. So it´s bit of a risky business to start laminating bigger original works, but I take it as a challenge.

On the right you can see some pictures of my tests on different surfaces with my drawingtechnique, I try to develop my drawing so that it combines both drawing and sculpture. See how it´ll come out.