It is worth to mention that this is an ongoing process, which has gone forward phase after another. Therefore it might be possible later on to find out what could have been done different.

At the beginning my curiosity to Kinect motion controller was because of it´s ability to do motion capture, and I bought the cable to hook it up to my PC. Motion capture wasn´t an issue at all but dealing with 3D animation wasn´t that familiar to me. Browsing throught possibilities of this device I came across a project which used Arduino(a prototyping platform) to process data output from Kinect and convert arm movements to control servo motors.
Kinect controls Arduino wired Servos using Visual Basic

In this example the author made a robot waving hands and I figured out that same movements could be used to control both the X and Y-axis. After little tweaking of the code written for arduino-board I managed to switch the points tracked by kinect to be instead of left and right hand the X and Y-axis of one hand. Now I could connect two servos together and connect a laserpointer to test my robotic pointer, reacting to my hand gestures.