Looking back what I´ve done, I can say that I´ve used photography only to portray water, ice and ink. I could say that photography is not part of my artistic work but I feel that it´s the only way I can depict materials in such states that I can not control and that are really short lived. Using photography is more of a hands-on choise and I don´t call myself a photo artist or a photographer.

On the right you can see pictures of testshots and experiments over the years. They range from pictures that depict forms of ice to to ink-drink pictures part of "Artic Happy hour" shots.

Idea for the pictures came after reading an article about the the oil hungry superpowers fighting over oil takeovers in the artic region. Despair to find more oil is growing and even global warming is seen as a chance to make oil drilling in the artic easier. Oil companies have been very active since I´ve taken these shots and first straws are drilled into the icy waters as we speak. It´s yet to be seen what kind of damage is caused to the ecosystem of the region.