Sculpting is generally pretty straight-forward, but in my thesis artwork I used a fair amount of time to develop the whole process. I´ll try to describe some twists and turns along the way.

I believe that the basic idea of the artwork was formed in my thoughts for a long period of time until. One morning napping I had a clear vision what I wanted to do, got up and scribbled it on my whiteboard. It´s the first picture on the slideshow on this webpage and some of it has been wiped off before taking the picture. From this original model I did a test but the form needed some punch. I remodelled it to consist of pleated forms.

I had to make tests with materials to find our how rigid they were and how they could be handled. I ended up laminating two layers of felt with wire mesh inbetween, being afterwise it could have been something more ridig stuff actually. Anyway the final thickness was about 2-3 centimeters, pretty thick for a 6m long and 1,2m wide slices.

Next phase was to create the form I had modelled. Bending this loose and rather heavy material was actually quite easy compared to the process of hardening it with fabric hardener, glue and plaster. Latter I wish never used due to it´s fragile nature. After a week of spraying and hardening, it finally felt like strong enough to work with, strengthened with furniture screws on the folds.

It was time to lift it up and start to add color, time was running out and I had a bit of a fuzz with choosing the right basecolor. Working with raw pigments one should always take notes of colors mixtures etc. I ended up going back to black which would have been easier to start with on the first place. I finally got the colors right the way I wanted using one of my personal artworks and managed to build the loops for hanging pretty easily. Only thing left to do was transportation of ca. 300m to a nearby artcenter, which left some marks on the tempera coloured surfaces.

In the end my artwork was ready just in time and I managed to finalize it on site without any hurry. All in all my schedule for this artwork held really well, many problems were solved and many new questions raised, which I think it the essence of creating art.