In sketches ideas take shape and evolve. Sometimes sketching can be aimless and only after a while one can spot an idea that works. Sketching is also a good way to solve and map problems that might be hard to grasp. While sketching, thoughts shape up into to something visual and free up some short term memory, which can actually be quite useful for further development of ideas.

On the right hand side you can see examples of sketches, either it´s digital retouching or notebook scribbles. In almost every case I´m trying to figure out a solution visualizing it to myself.

For my drawings I do a lot of sketching, trying to find patterns that work for me and fade away traces of my conscious style. Different ways to reach this goal often pop up unexpectedly while sketching, so browsing through old sketchbook every now and then might not be a bad idea. It´s also helpful to see how ideas evolve in the long run.