Back in the day I started using stencil technique to press band t-shirts at secondary school. Later I became familiar with serigraphy but returned to cutting stencils because it´s fast and simple work.

Image processing is not hard and there´s plenty of tutorials to lean on. Cutting is a different story and requires a firm hand and nerves of steel if you wish to acquire a sharp picture. Before cutting the medium of choice has to be sturdy enough so it´s possible to laminate paper with plastic film or laminate print over cardboard. It´s also possible to skip printing if you have a projector of any kind, then you just have to project the image on the medium chosen and draw the lines. In my work the "Autocrat" I printed the image on paper and then used transfer paper to draw it on thick plastic. Over all work too about 2 hours.

About the tools I use, I´ve found glass table the best surface fot really detailed work for it doens´t develop grooves like every other surface. For cuttinhg I use a hobby knife with replacable blades if fine detail is needed. With thicker materials a boxcutter or a knife is the only way to go.