I´ve played around with videos my whole life, done sketches on VHS-tape, animations on VHS-C tape, music videos to Hi-8 tape, videoart on DV-tape and 3D-footage on memorycards.

Since I´m not that intrested in narrative moviemaking or depicting humans, I strive to create things on video that are organic and that cause even somekind of sensations. Apart from that is "Yellow Corolla" (a collaboration), that is more of a atudy of human behaviour. Short nature documentary of present-day life.

I´ve used ink on sheets of glass a lot to create movement that is hard to catch up. I´ve done that to make artwork more open in the mindset I´ve created it. For the clip "King Midas" I did a serigraphy of petroleum jelly to a glass sheet and used compressed air to move around the watercolours on the surface. Water rejects grease so that I could spray the water around it, with some added washing-up liquid I could get rid of the surface tension that water has on a flat surface, and I got it to work it as planned.